I am tattooing in Victoria, BC; occasionally I travel and guest spot around Western Canada and internationally.

My next exciting journey will be
Autumn Skye's Soul Portraits Painting Retreat at Stowell Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island.
I will be setting up to offering Intentional Tattooing, as well as participating in the retreat from April 29 – May 7, 2019.

Rainfire Tattoo Studio
Vancouver April 2-3 2019

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If you are looking to book a tattoo with me, I have two unique methods:

Custom Tattoo - which is appropriate for anyone seeking a specific design you want drawn up by me in my style.

Channeled Designs -
which are designs channeled from Spirit, drawn by me as a specific tattoo for one person. You can view the artwork that is still available here.

I occasionally send out additions to my Channeled Designs by email (with updates on art & offerings).
You can subscribe to that here

Please Review my 2 Booking Processes below:


My next opening for custom consultations is Spring Equinox.

I receive consultation bookings by email ONLY -

You can apply for a custom tattoo at anytime, though my response will be after the Spring Equinox, and I will be booking consultations around that time.

In your email application, please include: a few words about yourself and your custom idea (design concept, location, size, colour/black and grey, feel free to include the intentions of your design and any photo reference you may have).  I give preference to Sacred Geometry and Nature (especially a combination of both). Examples: plants, animals, scenery, mountains, trees, elements, planets, geometry, linework, dotwork, patterns, flow. See my tattoo gallery for reference.

To move forward on a Custom Tattoo project: I will respond to your application to book a complimentary consultation in person where we can thoroughly discuss your idea and I can provide any guidance and insight. We will explore intentions and discuss possibilities for our journey together. I will take any measurements necessary and also a deposit+art fee. The drawing process can take a few months and the tattoos will be booked once the artwork is entirely complete, your patient is appreciated. As soon artwork is ready to show you, I will email you. Once we are both excited about the design, we will book in your appointment!


I currently send out an emailed offering of Channeled Designs available on occasion - you can view all of the art that is still available through the Designs page.

Any designs on this page are still available as a tattoo for the one person who feels directly called. If you feel connected to any of these designs, you can email me at, including a screenshot or the photo number to inform me which design you feel connected to. To hold a design/ book an appointment, I will require a deposit.
This process  allows faster booking than the custom tattoo process.

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