Along my journey, I have felt an affinity toward the Arts as a path of creating beauty and honoring the Sacred. As my eyes and heart open, my inspiration grows wild in partaking as a co-creator of this evolving existence. My fascination with art and anthropology has spiraled me through many curious paths, exploring my own humanity and stoking my willingness and desire to create. The illuminated pillars of my ancestral bloodline, my relationship to Source/Creator, and my connection to community have invited countless teachings and traditions from many allies to support my evolving vision and purpose.

I was received into the realm of tattooing long before I understand my relationship to it. Fascinated by the depth of commitment and sacrifice through the act of will; enthusiastic about the adornment of our ever transforming bodies with endless potential and markings lasting long after death. 

I have been studying tattoo and energy medicine for 12 years. I deeply cherish that because of my clients, I am learning in absolutely every experience. I am moving through a series of initiations that guide me to embody the act of tattooing as Sacred: exploring how to hold space, how to support healing and how to initiate activations - all to ensure that each tattoo carries the potency of the medicine through which it was embodied. I choose to align to tattoo through the origin of ritual, remembering tattooing as energy medicine.

As I align to my purpose, I open up the gates to You, devoted allies, who are called to the holistic path, contributing your unique gifts and stories as medicine. I am thankful and excited for the opportunity to weave our paths in divine alignment and embrace this life as Sacred. 

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